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We bring together the right team of experts to address research and evaluation needs, in the English-speaking Caribbean. Our experts are mostly CARICOM nationals with many years of national and international experience in results-based monitoring and evaluation. We know the Caribbean, its culture and its norms.

Creating a positive impact on people’s lives through research and evaluation

Who we are

The Principal Associate and Founder, Ms. Claudia Nicholson, is a Caribbean-born Economist with over 20 years extensive experience in conducting evaluation projects in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. We operate under a system of a stand-by roster of professional associates that can be called upon, as needed, to provide the most cost-effective expert teams targeted to your project. Our cadre of international research and evaluation professionals are Caribbean Nationals. We have experience in applying a range of quantitative and qualitative social research methodologies and analytical expertise to evaluate a wide array of topics in a Caribbean development context.

Claudia Nicholson

Claudia Nicholson

Principal Associate and Founder

Caribbean Facts:

“Unemployment is considerably higher among females than among males in most [Caribbean] countries.”– World Bank, 2014

“High youth unemployment in the Caribbean is consistent with similarly high youth unemployment rates worldwide, but some Caribbean countries are among those with the highest youth unemployment rates in the world.”– World Bank, 2014

Our Services

Is your project, policy or programme meeting its goals? How cost-effective is it? Is it sustainable? We are experienced in both qualitative and quantitative approaches to programme evaluation and can be relied upon to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of your programme (or project). All aspects of our work are characterized by ethical and rigorous mixed methods.

Are you looking for someone to design your questionnaire or survey sampling strategy? We can design from scratch or advice you on your survey design, making sure your instrument collects relevant, reliable, and unbiased data. We also have experience designing and selecting probability samples random samples, and purposeful samples. We’ve designed and administered surveys, small and large, in Canada, the US, and the Caribbean.

Our associates include data analysts and econometricians that are proficient in descriptive, inferential, experimental, and non-experimental statistical analysis. We can help turn your survey or administrative data into useable information by making sure your data can be processed by standard statistical software, performing data quality checks for internal and external validity, and performing the required statistical analysis. Let us help you find and tell the story in your data.

We’ve designed and conducted countless in-depth interviews, focus groups, and observational studies to get stakeholder and beneficiaries perspective on a variety of issues. We’ve talk to the unemployed youth, entrepreneurial youth, high school students, survivors and victims of domestic violence, perpetrators of domestic violence, programme managers and administrators, politicians from various levels of government, international NGOs and funders, to name a few. We can help you design and or conduct your qualitative research to get answers to your “Why?” or “How?” questions.


Looking for personalized training in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) or Survey Research?  Then send us an email at Training topics include developing a theory of change/logic model, constructing quantitative and qualitative data collection tools, designing a survey from start to finish, how to select a probability sample, and statistical analysis.

This workshop was developed for McGill University, Institute for the Study of International Development Executive Certificate Program as part of the training provided to staff at the Caribbean Development Bank. At the end of this introductory course participants will have a clear understanding of key concepts, including evaluation design and methodology, and the role of monitoring and evaluation in development in the Caribbean.

We are available for one-on-one online consultations via Skype using the screen share facility. We will be able to talk to and see each other. Sessions are for a minimum of one hour.

This workshop looks at the steps in designing and administering a survey – survey sampling, questionnaire wording, survey layout, pre-test and pilot, ensuring quality data is collected, analysis and presentation of the findings.

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